About Symptoms of Stomach Ulcers

Symptoms of stomach ulcers was started after a friend had been rushed to the hospital and almost died because he had stomach ulcers but didn’t even know.

He had been taking nsaids (definitions below) and they had eaten away at his stomach lining.   Understand something, please.  His doctor told him it was from the Tums and that they saw this regularly.

After 5 days in the hospital and a lot of trying to stop the bleeding he finally came home a new man and needing to change his diet to affect the stomach rather than eating anything and then covering up the damage with Tums.

So, loving health and natural health at that, I made the journey into understanding and sharing knowledge about not only the symptoms of stomach ulcers and how to deal with it but how to eat in a way to avoid stomach ulcers in the future.

Enjoy the journey, the knowledge, the sharing; all from the way it is intended to be – brought to you naturally.

Here are some definitions from Princeton.edu and others on NSAIDS.

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